The Future Of AI Marketing. Delivered.

Identity Graph

Mapping out user behaviors and buying signals has never been easier. With one of the largest datasets of B2B and B2C data, you can ensure your campaign's success.

Consumer Data Match

Focusing on consumers? Our data will give you all the demographics and data points your ad platforms can handle, and then some.

Leverage Big Data

Tired of having your marketing team take months to bring more organic traffic to the site? Let our AI solutions pinpoint exactly what it takes to move the needle.

AI-Powered Optimization

Whether it's bringing more people into your pipeline or filling the top of funnel with search engine marketing, OMF has you covered.

A Platform With Power

Born out of a need for better marketing and sick of the traditional agency model, OMF was founded with the core principles of robotics and AI in mind. Computers were built to work for humans, so why are humans trying to figure out ad and search engine algorithms? We set out to solve this problem with custom-made solutions, and our clients have never been happier with their results.

Our AI platform is a first of its kind system that allows full granular control all the way through your sales development cycle, which means effectiveness of your campaigns can be turned up or down in real-time based on factors being analyzed in the market. This means your content, traffic, ads, and pipelines won't be affected thanks to proactive algorithmic triggers baked directly into our code. Gone are the days of hearing "it depends" or "we don't know" from your marketing team.

Marketing out and getting data back from your campaigns is so 2008. Our AI can identify users, behaviors, and buying signals in real time and begin marketing to them at their current buyer stage.

Hands-Free Identity Resolution

With the power of OMF in your marketing stack, long gone are the days of trying to piece together hundreds of data points, or hunting for that one email address that connects you with your prospective clients. Our platform with automatically append and resolve your site visitors, and more importantly, everyone who is currently searching the internet for the services and products that you offer, making the sales development lifecycle shorter and slashing your ads and conversion costs by an average of 50% once implemented. 

I've never seen anything like this before. Our ads expenses have been cut by two-thirds, and the amount of qualified leads has skyrocketed in that same time. I'll never go back to doing it manually again.

Paul S.

Solar Installation Company

Since implementing the AI, we've been able to identify thousands of people looking for our legal services and connect them with one of our attorneys. The quality and readiness of these clients have never been higher. 

Laurence B.


Through using the AI, coupled with their organic traffic services, we've been able to identify prospects browsing our site and reach out for follow up. Our sales team has never been more booked.

Lauren C.

IT Consultant